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It turned out that her press secretary, Michael Shea, had secretly briefed the Sunday Times reporter, who led him to believe he was writing a speculative story on the monarchy in the 21st century He hopes the high cost of the visit will provide the tipping point to public backing of a republic
The great fear was that the Prime Minister vs This would be erroneous as Harry's September 1984 birth would've taken place before the events of this episode

Elizabeth tries to back out of the issue, but Thatcher knows that she approved the reports in The Sunday Times and refuses to allow the conversation to escape.

The Crown Season 4: Release Date on Netflix, The Crown Cast of New Season 2020
The Crown also used the accident as a means for Charles to reevaluate his waning commitment to Diana, whom he froze out in the episode, knowing that her loneliness would cause her to break her vow to the Queen and commit adultery once again
'The Crown' Season 4 Finale Recap:
They both leave on a ski trip to Switzerland but return after surviving an avalanche that kills their friend
'The Crown' sets fire to Princess Diana's fairy tale in new Season 4 trailer
As Diana assumes control of her narrative, Thatcher loses hers, resigning as Prime Minister and regretfully moving out of Downing Street
The Crown also depicts him breaking a vase which was a present to the Queen Some days later, Thatcher comes to see the queen
She wants to play for the team and asks the queen to show her love and approval and everyone else will follow The following contains details from Season 4 of "The Crown

The latest chapter in this impending tragedy closes with Charles ominously being informed of the affair.

‘The Crown’ Season 4 Review: It’s to Di For
What do we expect of our hallowed institutions, and why? Events depicted include the , their 1983 tour of and , the , 's break-in at Buckingham Palace, 's funeral, the Princess of Wales's appearance at the Barnardo's Champion Children Awards, and Thatcher's departure from office
Did that really happen? We fact
In one last desperate ditch effort to be heard, Diana launches herself at the queen and hugs her, begging Her Royal Highness not to push her away
Did that really happen? We fact
She also thinks Diana plays too much to the gallery