Julie and the phantoms. Julie And The Phantoms Season 2 Release Date, Cast And Plot

If these reports are right and the second season is already in development, then it's possible that production on new episodes could start this summer or sometime before the end of the year Round that out with her compassionate father, supportive teachers, and devoted best friend, and Ortega's masterful vision for this series becomes obvious
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Julie the phantoms
Plus, Caleb possesses Nick as the latter is visiting Julie and is implied to be planning to cause further trouble for Sunset Curve
‘Julie & The Phantoms’ Becomes Emmy Award
Fans of the show likely will seek out the original music that's performed by the band, but that small marketing tie-in is a minor consideration in this wholesome, endearing series with a strong female lead
Even the ‘Julie & The Phantoms’ Stars Are Still Hoping For a Season 2!
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The authors of this site also have no affiliation with Netflix As the boys are leaving the club, realizing how late it is, they are given a mysterious stamp by Caleb
On the live, the trio just missing were talking about the Emmy nominations and how excited they were, and they also talked about what the Fantoms have been asking Netflix for - a season two! Not only are they Carrie’s posse, but they’re also a dance group But when she meets three ghostly musicians — singer and guitarist Luke Charles Gillespie , bassist Reggie and drummer Alex Owen Joyner — members of the 1990s band Sunset Curve who died on the night of their first big gig, Julie gains back her love of music and the three ghosts team up with her to become the band they never got to be while alive

When Julie sings, the band suddenly appears on stage playing their instruments, and they realize that they can be seen by the audience.

Julie the phantoms
She shares her life with a rocket scientist and a Plott Hound, who both ensure there is never a dull day
Julie and the Phantoms
The boys teleport to the beach, where more is learned about the backgrounds of their families
Julie and the Phantoms
She later finds Flynn, about to egg Julie's window for lying to her, and tells her the truth